VX-7 Commander

VX-7 Commander 1.3

A modifications program for amateur radio enthusiasts who own the Yaesu VX-7
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If you own the VX-7R transceiver, which is the first amateur handheld to be submersible, you may wish to modify it to enable transmission on MARS and CAPS frequencies. You can do this in two ways, using a hardware method or a software method. Using the hardware method, you would need to remove some small solder contacts that are positioned under the battery pack. However, using the VX-7 Commander software method will save you from disturbing your hardware, and the software is easily disabled if your radio is hard-reset.

This software package will enable you to program memory channels using its very friendly interface, and it includes options for MARS, CAPS and Freeband modifications. You can also edit and customize your icons using the Program's Custom Icon Editor, edit your memory groups, hyper memories and VX-7 set mode settings. The program features a "My Menu" option and you can use it to import CSV files and ARRL TravelPlus files, VX-5 EVE files and RDF files. There are two choices of interface for editing memory files and you can even recover deleted memories before and after VX-7 is reset. The program also includes a Custom Font Editor and cut, copy, paste and delete functions.

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